So 6 months later I have finally finished with the wonderful band from Idaho called The Ongoing Concepts. This was their first full length and a lot of work went into it to make it as legit as possible. Some blood was spilt, some occasional tears… ( mainly from me ) were shed  and a lot of sweat went into this project. Check out their album teaser.

These guys rock 🙂

I’ve been working with these guys for a few tracks now, and this one is definitely my favorite one. I had lots of fun making this one so check out.

Catch A Break – A New Divide

So in the past months i’ve been working with an artist named Shelby and from all the work and lots of fun we released 3 songs and did a few live off the floor vids. Enjoy!

You can check her music out at

Come And Go mp3

Fire mp3

So Just finished up 4 Song Ep for Real boys. Definitely A lot of fun hanging out with these guys. One of the guitarist had a lovely tendency to noodle right by ear while I was trying to listen but besides that it’s been great. The Link on the bottom is for their song ” Good Chorus”… Pretty wicked, but who knows what it’s about… Enjoy!    MP3  – Good Chorus

This week I had the Privilege to work with a wonderful artist named Joel Brandt. If you love folk you’ll be a sucker for this. He came in with guitar and as soon as he started singing me his songs i knew that this was going to be a fun one. By the time I was done mixing everything,I would find my self singing along, and humming the melodies. So take a listen I’ve put one of his tracks bellow that I really enjoyed, and I hope you do too.

The River Song mp3

So this summer I had the Boys from Rev Band out to record a few new songs that they had been working on for camp, and it turned out to be one of the more enjoyable projects so far this year. So i’ve posted a couple of the new tracks. Hope you enjoy them!

The Rescued mp3

By Your Love mp3

We Have Hope mp3

Prior to these boys i wasn’t the biggest fan of prog rock ish kind of stuff but I gotta say I was after working with these guys. They were all from pretty much every city in the lower mainland so it took forever to get it done, but once it was we all left with a smile. Take a Listen… but you might wanna sit somewhere comfortable, their songs are real long!

Giant mp3


So this past week we had a wonderfully talented girl come by The Candy Shop and record her first EP. Me and Mr James Molnar went at it and 2 days later we had a 5 song ep! The only way we could pull this off was by recording Jenna’s vocals and acoustic together with James ( drummer ) James being an extremely talented musician picked it all up incredibly fast and we were off! So Here are some of the pics of the process and some of Jenna just incase you were wondering what she looked like, or if you wanted to book her for a show 😉







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